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    • We specialize in Dutch Oven Cooking, we are based in Brigham City.
    • We are a mobile catering company that can cater at any spot while still meeting the needs of our clients.
    • We cook what you want us to cook. If it fits in a dutch oven we will make it
    • Here are some dinners we often cook.

Meet Our Team

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    Skyler Korth

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    Dee Korth


about us dutch oven dinners
Specializing in Dutch Oven cooking, we are a catering company that got it’s start at the local Peach Days celebration in Brigham City, Utah cooking out of a local shop in downtown. We cooked our famous signature dinner, which is all prepared in dutch ovens and consist of boneless BBQ ribs, boneless breaded chicken breast, BBQ baked beans and cheesy potatoes. Let’s not forget about our famous Peach Cobbler with ice cream. After many modifications and tweaks we finally have a sound business practice in on-spot catering. We can cook for you at your desired location and have everything we need to prepare a fabulous meal for your next event. We specialize in banquets, wedding dinners, school functions, company parties, and so much more. There isn’t a dinner we are not willing to do no matter how small or big! We are also expanding our menu and can create something that is perfect for your next event.

Our Mission

dutch oven cooking brigham city
To always provide our customers with the freshest and best quality of food. We vow to always have our food ready to eat at the stated time our clients have provided. We strive to always have a clean and well maintained workstation, so you know you’re getting the best. We strive to not just be a one-time catering company, but the one you can always rely on to produce excellence.